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Effects Bakery NEW GINGER FUZZ

Effects Bakery NEW GINGER FUZZ

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Effects Bakery New Ginger Fuzz brings together the expert recipes and ingredients we are known for, such as high-quality parts and construction, great tones, and easy to use controls with a fresh new fuzz flavor from the “muffy” style family of succulent fuzz tones. This pedal also features special artwork and graphics celebrating Iwashita’s New Ginger, a special varietal of ginger with a gentle spicy flavor and refreshing crispness and aroma.

Our New Ginger Fuzz brings a new taste to this fuzz family and can be used on both guitar and bass as well as any other instrument you wish to FUZZ (drum loops and synths are quite fun). The FUZZ knob controls the amount of fuzz gain, and the TONE knob helps to tame the high-end frequencies for use with a wide variety of amplifiers.

If you are ready for a brand-new fuzz with a brand new flavor, give our New Ginger Fuzz a taste and see!

Size: 47 W x 94 D x 50 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 149g