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Effects Bakery Cream Pan Booster

Effects Bakery Cream Pan Booster

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Everybody loves a tasty cream-filled delight, and the Effects Bakery Cream Pan Booster is your sweet solution to all sorts of booster functions, including a handy switchable treble booster.

The Cream Pan is built with high quality components and manufacturing at a price that is appetizing to everyone. We use the new industry standard mini-pedal size with large easy to read knobs.
Click on the BRIGHT switch and get the best of the old school treble booster sounds, great for darker sounding amplifiers. Use the EB Cream Pan to boost the input of any amplifier to create preamp distortion, as well as using it to “stack” with other distortion and overdrive pedals to push them into syrupy high gain tones.

Many acoustic guitarists will use a booster such as this to help increase their solo and fingerpicking parts as well.
The boost function with the BRIGHT switch off is a much cleaner version of the boost to make your tone slightly thicker and louder in signal level.
The BRIGHT switch ON brings you much more of the shimmering slightly distorted artifacts that make a supposed “clean” sound so interesting to hear.

The Effects Bakery Cream Pan can bring you that special feeling, just like biting into a hot cream filled pastry delight!

 Size: 47 W x 94 D x 50 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 142g