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Effects Bakery Croissant Distortion

Effects Bakery Croissant Distortion

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Effects Bakery Croissant Distortion is the raw and powerful sound that you can control from your own little fingers.

Imagine the classic rodent-named distortion pedals of the past and you’d be close. We add the flavors Effects Bakery is known for, ingredients like rugged construction, easy to use knobs, high quality jacks and switch in the easy-to-use mini housing enclosure.
Our tasty Croissant Distortion brings some new dimensions to this gainy sound with a “thickening” that happens once the gain knob goes above halfway – this keeps your tone thick, even if your guitar has single coil pickups.
The tone control will help frost your tone and high end to complement a wide range of amplifiers, from solid state combos to raging tube stacks.
And there’s plenty of gain on tap with this Croissant – you can easily overdrive the front end of any amplifier you plug into. Tasty licks never sounded better!

 Size: 47 W x 94 D x 51 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 152g