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Effects Bakery French Bread Delay

Effects Bakery French Bread Delay

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Effects Bakery now brings you the French Bread Delay.
This is a pedal that can give your sound extra, extra, extra flavor – by adding “repeats” or natural echoes. By using this pedal, you can give ambience, depth, and breadth to your sound. And thanks to all the quality ingredients used at EB, we can bring you this tasty French Bread delight at an attractive price.

Although the FBD uses the new industry standard “mini-pedal” format, we still use large size knobs for ease of control and visibility.
Delay times can be up to 500ms, a half-second of pure analog-sounding delay. Recreating tape echoes and analog delay pedal sounds is easy, and these sorts of sounds give the player support to help push their notes forward into the mix without sounding thin. You can adjust the delay time by turning the TIME knob, and easily change the number of repeats (echoes) with the REPEAT knob.
Dial in as much or as little delay as you need with the BLEND knob. Many players have enjoyed making older analog delays self-oscillate, and the French Bread Delay can do this as well – with the REPEAT knob maximized, the unit with self-oscillate and the player can turn the TIME knob to affect pitch and rhythm of the repeats, creating a mind-melting sonic mayhem!

All our EB pedals are powered by 9v standard center negative power supply jacks (batteries cannot be used).

Size: 47 W x 94 D x 51 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 152g