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Effects Bakery Melon Pan Chorus

Effects Bakery Melon Pan Chorus

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Effects Bakery Melon Pan Chorus is here to bring the swirlies to your sounds.

You can set the Melon Pan to a slow, luscious swirl – or you can roll that
speed knob up to delicious Leslie and vibe like throbbing flavors.

As with all our pedals, they come out of the EB oven with high quality jacks, knobs,
and switches as well as specially sourced components to keep your sound

The aroma of our new chorus is a distinctly analog scene, going
back to the classic sounds of the 70s and 80s, while also going to new
extremes of sound shaping for the modern player.

The Melon Pan Chorus can be used on guitar, bass, keyboards, or any type of sounds you’d like tomodify.

With the tone control, a deep/warm chorus can be obtained easily
– or the player can dial in more high end to accent the sweep sounds.

Tweak the blend knob to bring the chorus more into the background flavor for
a more modern style sound. Or go full Melon and crank up one of the most
affordable, luscious, and analog-sounding mini chorus pedals around…

from your bakers at Effects Bakery.

 Size: 47 W x 94 D x 50 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 154g