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Effects Bakery Sandwich Fuzz

Effects Bakery Sandwich Fuzz

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Effects Bakery is here to bring you the most delicious flavors of guitar pedals, and our Sandwich Fuzz can take you to new realms of fat and syrupy fuzz frosting.

Even though the Sandwich is housed in our standard “minipedal” enclosure, the sound that emanates from this pedal is much larger. In the past, some fuzzes were made in an old Russian factory in tank-like green boxes that many players loved for the thick low end response and the ability to use it on bass guitar or downtuned metal riffing.

The Sandwich Fuzz can create a wall of sound that can roar like a lion at the press of the footswitch. And, our tasty Sandwich can also do more subtle distortion-like textures, as well as bring the heavy doom tones that are loved in the grunge, stoner, and heavy music scenes.

Get your fuzz act together with the Effects Bakery Sandwich Fuzz.

Size: 47 W x 94 D x 50 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 152g