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Effects Bakery Uguisu Bread Tremolo

Effects Bakery Uguisu Bread Tremolo

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Among all the various effects pedals, the tremolo has a long history and a rather simple structure. Tremolo is created by varying the volume or amplitude of the sound up and down in volume, creating a shaking or wobbling effect. The effect is simple but profound – and the impression of the effects varies greatly depending upon how the sound sways, how wide it sways, and how fast or slow it sways.

Uguisu Bread Tremolo can help you create the most standard tremolo sounds. You can create a wide range of tremolo tones – from nostalgic surf guitar sounds to the warm and soft tremolo that you hear in modern pop music. Crank it up and you can get the deeper and choppier tremolo tones as heard in Britpop and Shoegaze music.

Our new UBT features a volume control, which is especially important in a tremolo effect pedal. The tremolo effect itself lowers the volume of the signal, so the output volume can be a little lower than the bypass signal without the effects. To prevent this, simply turn up the volume on the Uguisu Bread Tremolo to boost the effect volume to match the bypass volume, or you can crank it up to boost up to +16db of gain in output.

Tremolo is one of the most classic effects ever made for the guitar and has continued to be one of the most-used effects in modern music. Get your tones shaking with the EB Uguisu Bread Tremolo!

Size: 47 W x 94 D x 49 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 148g