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Effects Bakery Maritozzo Bass EQ

Effects Bakery Maritozzo Bass EQ

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Bass players need love too, and our new Maritozzo Bass EQ graphic equalizer is a way to bring new flavors out of your bass rig. With a five-band EQ controlled by sliders, a VOL control for your input level and a MASTER for your output volume, all the sweetness of tone is under your fingertips. Each of the five EQ sliders can be boosted/cut in a wide range of plus/minus 18dB at 62.5hz, 125hz, 500hz, 1khz, and 4khz. All the faders have a detent in the center so you can quickly return the settings to “flat” without having to look closely at the pedal (very handy for darker stages and rehearsals).

Maritozzo Bass EQ has a separate VOL and MASTER control setup to adjust your gain levels both inside and to the output. VOL adjusts the level of the entire EQ adjusted with the faders, and your final output level is adjusted with the MASTER. This makes it easy to adjust the volume level with the effect off and your tone that has been tonally adjusted within the EQ. This way, any extreme tonal changes can easily be compensated for by use of the VOL and MASTER controls to keep your sound consistent and level.

Try using our Maritozzo Bass EQ to overdrive other pedals with more intense frequencies and gain as well. This is a great pedal to use to help your bass sound consistent from amplifier to amplifier, as well as a great help when playing direct for rehearsals and recording. You can always have control of your EQ and gain levels with Maritozzo!

● Controls 
MASTER: Adjusts the overall volume. 
LEVEL: Adjusts the output level of the entire EQ. 
FADERS: Adjusts the boost / cut in the range of ± 18 dB around 62.5, 125, 500, 1K, 4K. 

The Maritozzo Bass EQ is powered by a standard center minus DC 9V adapter. Batteries cannot be used. 

Current consumption 
: 16mA Input impedance: 470K
Output impedance: <10K

Size: 47 W x 94 D x 49 H mm (including projections)
Weight: 160g